4 Must Visit Places In Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a favorite destination among Californians and visitors from all over the world, mainly due to its 7 miles of beaches with turquoise water, coves, sea caves, tide pools, bluffs, and breathtaking views! Besides all the natural beauty, Laguna also offers some of the best dining of the region, as well as amazing art galleries and luxury boutique shops.

So, while there's many things to see and do here, I've broken down the 4 places you cannot miss next time you're around:

  1. Downtown and Main Beach

  2. Heisler Park

  3. Treasure Island Park

  4. Top of The World + Bonus!

Downtown and Main Beach

As you're driving south on PCH in Laguna Beach, it's impossible to miss Main Beach. As soon as you drive by the iconic basketball court and lifeguard tower, you'll know. It's definitely the busiest place in town, the most known among tourists, and while Laguna is FULL of hidden gems, most of the restaurants and galleries are centralized here around Downtown.

It can be hard to find parking on the weekends, so your best bet is trying the Public Parking buildings.

Take your time to do some window shopping, buy souvenirs, and walk down main beach to for a typical day in OC.

Address: Broadway St & Pacific Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Heisler Park

There are several entrances to this park, but the great thing is that it starts right on Main Beach, just north of the basketball court.

The walking trail stretches for a couple miles, providing some of the best oceanfront views you can get in Laguna. The park also features art installations, artsy benches, and the best: access to some otherwise inaccessible and secluded beaches.

It is one of the places I visit the most in Laguna, and I highly recommend that you check it out too. I usually get in across the street from Urth Caffe (my fave restaurant).

Address: 375 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Treasure Island Park

This park is called Treasure Island for a reason. It‘s not a well known attraction among tourists, what makes this hidden gem a local’s favorite. It’s one of the most romantic spots of the region, as well as the most picturesque in my opinion. The water is so blue and so inviting that you can almost forget how cold it is! This is a perfect place to photograph the dramatic cliffs landscape.

Stroll along the paved pathway, go for a sunset picnic, walk down to the beach and tide pools, and remember to stop and enjoy the views!

You can find it easier in the address below, but my favorite way to get there is through the stairs right next to the Montage Resort (north side).

Address: 30799 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Top of The World

Top of the world is one of the coolest hiking spots in Orange County, and in my opinion, one of the very best scenic lookout points around.

There are lots of trails that start at Alta Laguna Park (Top of the World is the unofficial name), from easy to difficult and parking is available on the street and at a parking lot adjacent to the park’s entrance.

This is an excellent location for outdoor workouts but it’s ok if you’re only visiting for the views. Since the park is located at the top of the hills, the lookout point is just a few steps away from the parking lot.

Tip: come in the afternoon for breathtaking sunsets and views of the Pacific Ocean

Address: Alta Laguna Park, 3299 Alta Laguna Blvd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Laguna is a real beach paradise, and for those looking for some adventure, check out my post on the "Most Beautiful Tide Pool in Laguna Beach" and how to get there!

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