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About Me

I am just a girl who always dreamed of living in California and wanted to explore the world. So here I am, and I hope that my journey can inspire yours!

Traveling is not just about going somewhere. Traveling is discovering a new world on every new trip and learning from different cultures, habits, landscapes, languages, and experiences. Exploring our world is an infinite source of knowledge for moments and memories that will be with you forever.

With Love From Bella was created to inspire people to live life to the fullest and make the most of each day. There is no dream too big, you can’t achieve. Work hard for it, and don’t give up. Persist. Find out what you love and go live it!

Dare. Move. Love. Be Happy. Be happier for others. Be yourself.
Listen. Dream. Plan. Go for it.


But most of all, always be thankful for everything that happens in your life, either a blessing or a lesson. Be grateful from the bottom of your heart and watch; great things will happen!

Here you will find among travel guides and local tips, all about the places I visit, and lifestyle and fashion tendencies.

Welcome to my world, sit back & enjoy the trip!

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With love,


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Tool and services I use to book my own trips, as well as blogs that inspire me

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Published Work

I am a blog writer for Visit Huntington Beach - aka Surf City USA. I'm always out and about exploring and documenting the best HB has to offer!

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