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Wildflowers: 5 Places To See The Super Bloom This Season

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I can already smell it in the air, and I've spotted them starting to bloom just about everywhere in OC. Spring is almost here!!

We don't really get much rain down here, but when we do, it means that a wildflower super bloom is coming.

Last super bloom or "Flowergeddon" was in 2017 and the spread of flowers was so dense it could be seen from space! That also means that tons of people rushed to our parks, so plan accordingly as they should be extremely crowded this season as well.

Let's go out and enjoy but please be mindful, these are wild areas and it's our responsibility to preserve them, so that we all get to appreciate nature's gifts for many more generations.

Take Note: bloom peaks and locations vary from year to year, depending on rain levels and temperature, so make sure to check current conditions (click here) before you head out.

Here are the best places to see wildflowers this season, happy exploring!

Wildflowers are already starting to bloom in the lower elevations of the park and by the South Gate this February and peak blooms at higher elevations are expected in March and April.

I can't wait to visit this one! A widespread bloom of yellow, purple, and white wildflowers is expected in late February and early March. You can also call the Wildflower Hotline at 760-767-4684 for daily updates.

The park is home to over 800 plant species and each of the 5 islands display a different bloom show.

Click here for specific flowering guides per island.

Best time of season to view carpets of wildflowers: February through April!

The first poppies should bloom around early March and last through April. Poppies open up in mid morning, and curl up in late afternoon or if it’s cold, so check the weather forecast before arriving. The weather can change suddenly and it is frequently windy up there on spring. 

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