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Black History Every Month: Education and Awareness

Black History Month is celebrated every February, but honoring African American achievements and learning about issues and challenges faced by the black community doesn't - and shouldn't - end on February 28th.

Education is, in my opinion, the most important weapon one can have in the fight for justice and equity. While I humbly recognize that I will never know or fully understand what it means to be African American, I have researched and learned a lot about American history and systemic racism - and the same phrase keeps coming back to me: know the past, shape the future.

With that, I would like to share with you some very interesting resources that I came across, and I hope this can be an impactful starting point on your quest for enlightenment too.

Download below a newsletter style informative that you can save on your computer or phone and easily revert to whenever you want. It includes clickable links to inspiring stories, virtual tours, videos, suggestions of movies, tv shows, books, music and podcasts, black-owned businesses to support in your area, and more.

Black History Informative
Download PDF • 2.66MB

We blame society - but we are society. We can create a future that's better than the past. Let's do our part.

With Love,


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