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Picnic Essentials Guide

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

If you ever thought that having a picnic required a lot of work, I'm here to demystify that. It is actually a pretty simple thing to do to get off of the routine, and the weather is just about to get perfect for an al fresco meal. Yes, it's picnic season!

You don't need much. Me and hubby have been doing this for years and while it took us a while to gather the useful gadgets that we now have for our picnics, all you really need to make it happen, besides a good company, is a blanket to sit on, booze (bcs wine not?!), snacks and a nice view.

Anyhow, picnics are one of our favorite things to do, so much it has become one of our most loved traditions. I came up with a checklist that includes some things that I bring every time we go out on picnics so that you can get it done pretty easy. Feel free to sub with whatever other options you have available!


✓ Blanket (comfort is key!)

✓ Picnic Basket: bought ours at Amazon a few years ago (click here to shop it) and I can't tell you enough about how useful this is. The insulation keeps our food and drinks chilled and the utensils are exactly what we need.

✓ Utensils, plates & cups, napkins. Very important item: Wine/bottle opener (Ps.: this all came with our picnic basket - see how practical it is?!)

✓ Resealable bags filled with ice (this also helps with keeping the goodies cold) ✓ Small cutting board. Bought ours at Amazon as well, browse it here. ✓ Trash bag

✓ Tupperware/ resealable bags to pack leftovers ✓ Book/ Magazine


✓ Water! ✓ Cheeses + Prosciutto Di Parma + French Baguette

✓ Olive Tapenade with Kalamata & Chalkidiki olives from Trader Joe's

✓ Honey for Cheese from Savannah Bee Co. (we came across this little store as we were walking along River St in Savannah, GA years ago and have been hooked ever since - check it out here!)

✓ Berries mix bowl: strawberries, blueberries and raspberries/blackberries

✓ Pastries (chocolate or almond croissants, madeleines, cookies, etc!)

✓ Wine

✓ Coffee (we use the Nanopresso, a portable espresso machine from Wacaco, to enjoy a cup coffee virtually anywhere - click here to check it out!)

On a side note, pre-packed sandwiches are super easy! Or you can also bring pizza, or whichever you feel like eating, really, as long as it doesn't require further cooking or heating.


Scenic views are the icing on the cake and certainly make any picnic #instaworthy. Here's some of the most breathtaking locations in OC for a picnic:

- Dana Point: Dana Point Harbor

- Laguna Beach: Treasure Island Park

- Laguna Beach: Heisler Park

- Newport Beach: Crystal Cove State Park

- Newport Beach: Corona Del Mar (Inspiration Point)

- Huntington Beach: Huntington Beach Cliffs

- Huntington Beach: Central Park


If you are in California, make sure to bring a jacket, as no matter the season, it will get chilly as the sun goes down.

Overall, comfy clothes are always the best choice to fully enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, specially when it envolves a meal in a casual setting such as a picnic.

Wearing: Elsa Jumpsuit (by Faithful the Brand) from Largo Drive. Largo is the go-to online store to shop the trendiest brands around!

I truly hope this quick guide can help you put together a lovely picnic for the important people in your life. This is one of the things that we love to do together and always, always have a good time. When you are surrounded by those you care about, you have it all!

With Love,



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