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Savannah, GA

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Savannah is one of my favorite cities in the East Coast. Romantic, rustic, southern. Its charming squares and parks so fairy tale alike attract millions of visitors each year. Thanks to the preservation of its heritage, Savannah owns an unique character that has made it not only one of the most trendy places to visit in the US, but also one of the most beautiful cities in America.

Savannah’s Historic District, the largest National Historic Landmark District in the US, contains 21 squares full of monuments from the Revolutionary & Civil War eras to explore. ​There is a lot to see and do here, check it out!

Wormsloe Historic Site

This is a must go! A great number of pictures you can find on Pinterest and Instagram about Savannah are taken here. This is a very popular location for wedding and engagement photo sessions. From the moment you get to the front gates, you will be taking pictures non-stop. The site is filled with gigantic live oaks that create a breathtaking mile-long archway. It goes as far as the eye can see. It is located 15 min away from the Historic District and you can go for the trails on your own or get on a guided tour with costumed interpreters. Wormsloe also offers a museum and a short film about the site and the founding of Georgia. Closed on Mondays. Cost is $10 for adults.

Forsyth Park This is probably the most visited park in Savannah, and every minute spent here is a minute well spent. Forsyth Park covers 30 acres of land and features, among several benches to take in the scenery and statues, a large fountain. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, in a ceremony that brings from hundreds to thousands of people to the park, the city dyes the fountain’s water green. Note: Savannah is also known for its killer St. Paddy’s day celebrations!

River Street / River Walk Another very popular destination for both locals and visitors, the Historic River Street runs along the Savannah River. It is Savannah’s hot spot. Home of over 70 business, including restaurants, bars, art galleries and shops, upscale hotels are also nestled here. Walk and explore around River Walk for amazing waterfront views and/or watch the sunset from a Rooftop as this is one of the city’s most beautiful sightseeing locations.

Savannah Bee Company Every time I travel I try to taste something that is either local produced or a traditional dish/drink. I feel it makes the experience of exploring a new place more interesting and real. Stopped by this shop at River Street and had such a great time! Savannah Bee Co offers all sorts of bee products and also features tastings. I loved pretty much everything I saw, and took home a bottle of their Cheese Honey. Good thing is they sell on grocery stores nationwide and you can also order from their website. Definitely worth trying out.

Jones Street One of the most elegant streets in Savannah, stroll through the cobblestone street and dazzle through the charming houses and live oaks for picture worthy moments!

Broughton Street Fulfill all your shopping needs with the best of Savannah’s designers. Vintage and upscale boutiques now share the space with the big retailers.

Whitefield Square This is one of the most beautiful, if not the most, squares you can find in Savannah. It’s small and charming, that perfect fairy tale scenery that only Savannah has. A lot of weddings and photoshoots happen at the centrally located gazebo surrounded by giant live oaks.

Eat/Drink/Night: Rocks On the Roof (Amazing Views) Moon River Brewing (Awesome food, brews and patio) Gallery Espresso (Oldest coffee shop in Savannah)

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