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Top 8 Things to do in Charleston, SC

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome to Charleston, “America’s Most Friendly City” by Travel + Leisure! Charleston offers more than the usual Southern hospitality, history and charm. Be ready to have a great time and enjoy every minute of your stay! Below are the 8 must-visit places in the Charleston area.

1. Charleston City Market This is where the locals meet to find local produces and where visitors get to experience the culture, gastronomy and arts of Charleston. It stretches for 4 city blocks and the complex is a National Historic Landmark.

2. Rainbow Row Probably the most photographed attraction in Charleston and one of the postcards of the city, Rainbow Row is the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the US. All of the houses are painted on pastel colors, making this a picture perfect spot!

3. Charleston Waterfront Park It’s a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in Charleston. The park provides views of the Cooper River, the Charleston Harbor, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and has several fountains & gardens throughout. You can also walk to the pier, from where you might see some dolphins playing around!

4. King Street The place where it all happens. The busiest street in Charleston is known to please all tastes when it comes to dining and shopping. King Street is divided into districts: Upper King Street Design and Dining District; King Street Fashion District and the Lower King Street Antiques District.

5. Battery & White Point Gardens This waterfront park offers impressive views of the harbor on one side, and the Battery mansions on the other. It is located in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, and features several cannons used in the Civil War to defend the city. It also features a white gazebo commonly seen on weeding photoshoots and pictures of the city.

6. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge The bridge links downtown Charleston with Mount Pleasant and was the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the Americas at the time of its construction. You will see a lot of people exercising here, put on your running shoes and join the crowd!

7. Angel Oak The Angel Oak is the name of the giant tree located on John’s Island, near Charleston. It is totally worth going to see the living oak which is believed to be around 500 years old! 8. Folly Beach It’s located just 10 miles from Downtown Charleston and yet a totally different world. Relaxed, laid back vibe, sandy beaches, warm weather and fair surf make this a must on my list! Walk the pier, watch the sunrise, and explore the Center Street. Eat at Black Magic Café for delicious fresh food and enjoy one of the best Nutella froyo’s there is just across the street at Dolce Banana!

Fun Fact: The Pineapple City?!

If you’ve ever visited Charleston before, you must have seen at least one pineapple around. If you haven’t, you will. Well, turns out that back in the Colonial years, Captains would come home from their voyages bringing, among other souvenirs, a pineapple. The pineapple was placed in front of the captain’s house to let people know that he had come home safely and was also an invitation to friends and neighbors to come over for dinner and hear about the captain’s adventures. It then became a symbol of hospitality for the people of Charleston.

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