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Thank you Miami / Gracias Miami / Obrigada Miami

I always had a love & hate relationship with this town. Miami is so different from every other city in this country and that has given me so many different feelings and opinions throughout the years that it made me want to write about.

I arrived here so young, and I've lived and learned and cried and laughed so much at this place...but I truly never thought it was gonna be so hard to say goodbye. The beaches here look like paradise, the year-round summer makes it seem like everyone here is always on vacation. And maybe they are.

People here are always moving. Miami is always changing. Some live here for so long and never get to actually know this town. I wish people didn't try to make it a small part of their own home country, I wish they would just let the city be and adapt to it, not the other way around. It took me a long time to actually see that this is what makes Miami. Too diverse and yet so unique.

And after all, what makes the identity of a place other than the people who live in it? Like I said before, Miami is different from all of the places I've been. Miami is a little bit of everywhere. You have to understand it and understand its people. This town welcomes every single person that is looking to live the dream with open arms, and that is what makes it so special. And so culturally diverse it can be overwhelming.

I was lucky to be able to enjoy the best Miami has to offer and to meet friends that I will take with me forever. I've learned a third language, but could've easily learned 5 just by interacting with different people at work and in my neighborhood. Miami was my first home in America and if I am going where I am going, is because of everything I've lived here.

I am going to miss my family, I am going to miss the friends that are like family, but I am very thankful for every moment I've lived here. I am closing one more chapter and moving on to live one of the biggest dreams of my life!

Thank you Miami for these 5 amazing years!

Road trip is on!!!! Check out wlovefrombella on Instagram, I posted a lot of pics throughout the trip up to home in California 😁!

​With Love from Bella 💌


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