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Why You Should Adopt a Pet

You guys must have seen my baby boy Tom on some of my posts and all the time on my Instagram stories! I’ve been wanting to share my experience adopting and being a pet mom, as I highly believe that animals bring life, happiness and love to any home!

Before I even start with all the reasons you should adopt a pet, my number one advice: ONLY adopt a pet if you are ready for the responsibility is it taking care of another life! It brings my heart to pieces when pet owners change their minds and let go of the animals. That is NOT right!

So take into consideration the resources and money you will need to spend in food, vets, vaccines, toys etc.; Any allergies that you or other family members might have; Pet policy on the place where you live (also think ahead: if eventually you move, you will need to find a pet friendly location); The time you will need to spend with your pet; Travel arrangements if you get out of town. I see pets as children (they are to me) and so, only move forward if you are really ready for this.

So, you are thinking, then why should I adopt a pet? Well, let’s talk about the most pure form of love I’ve seen until today.

Your pet will love you. They will love you unconditionally, no matter who you are, regardless of your gender, your social status, your job, your bank account. Animals don’t judge. They will anxiously wait for you to come home, and the excitement they’ll greet you every single time you open the door is priceless! In other words, they give you love and all they want back is a little of your love and time (plus yummy food!).

Your pet will protect you. Remember, you are their family. I’ve seen & heard it repeatedly, cases of when dogs/cats attacked someone that was harming their owners. Also, they are very sensitive to your emotions. They can feel the owner’s mood and will surround you whenever they sense you’re down or sick. Trust me, they will make you feel better. Cats for example are known for spreading good energy around the house.

Your pet will bring joy to your life. They are always ready to play and will entertain your family & friends. They become part of the family. Talking about my own experience, my friends & family ask how Tom is doing before asking how I am!

One of the most rewarding feelings in the world is saving a life! So if you are ready to make the decision of having a pet, I urge you, adopt! Save a life! Volunteer at shelters if you can. I’ve seen a bit of the amazing job that Animal Shelters do (I donate to the Humane Society of Greater Miami) and I adopted my cat at the Miami Dade Animal Services, but there is only so much they can do! Unfortunately they get too full and really need any sort of help they can get.

My experience as a cat mom has been nothing but great. Tom has ruined a brand new couch, he used to pee & poop on my bed when he was a baby, he tries to steal our food every time we are eating sushi, but words just cannot express how thankful I am for having found him.

If you follow me, you know that my favorite thing in the world is travelling, and even in that he has become an important part. I love to take him in road trips! He changed my life in ways I just cannot describe. Can you tell how much I spoil him right?! Lol

Anyways, having a pet made my life 100% happier and I am sure it will do the same for you!

Let me know your pet stories & how your pet changed your life. I would love to hear all about it!

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram: @wlovefrombella, I am always sharing fun content on travel & lifestyle!

With Love,



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