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Experience a Modern Seaside Oasis at Paséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Staying at Paséa Hotel & Spa was a dream come true in many aspects. I drive down PCH every day and always wondered what it would be like to stay at the hotel and enjoy the amenities and benefits of being right at the beach in Huntington Beach.

That dream came true and I'm telling you all about it, and everything you need to know to enjoy your next getaway to the max!


hotel front and pool

Everybody that comes to California - specially first timers - deal with the "trouble" of choosing what to visit and what leave for another time.

Truth is, we've got way too many attractions and while this is a great thing for people who live here and can never get bored, for someone who is traveling from out of state, location dictates whether you get to enjoy a few or many different things.

You must already know that traffic is hectic around here, and if you are looking for a vacation to relax, spending hours stuck at 405 is not exactly a type of relaxation.

Why am I telling you this? Well, luckily Huntington Beach exists. We're located between San Diego and LA, with easy access to all major freeways. We're kind of SoCal's belly button, and yet we live in a slow paced little piece of paradise, ideal for the perfect vacation.

The Paséa Hotel & Spa is located where everything happens in Huntington Beach, and they have enough amenities to make you want to stay at the hotel all day, but if you do decide to venture around, pretty much all the attractions in the city are within walking distance from the hotel.

Pacific City, simply the best shopping and dining destination around (and where I spend most of my weekends after the beach), is connected to the hotel. Yes, literally next to the hotel's main building.

The HB Pier and the world famous beach and surf breaks are just across the street, and the downtown area, with more shops, bars and restaurants, same thing.

Also, I must mention that from here you can get to Disneyland in 25 min or less.

Tip: The best way to explore HB being so close to everything is by bike, so hop on one the beach cruisers that Paséa makes available for guests and happy exploring!


The hotel managed to authentically blend the surf culture, main element of Huntington Beach - aka Surf City USA, with a contemporary, clean decor.

Walking into the lobby, the first word that came to mind was "wow". They do take advantage of the stunning ocean views and so guests are welcomed by a perfect SoCal scenery: the pacific ocean, palm trees and the gorgeous Ninth Island pool.

Art pieces created by local artists adorn the common areas and are a true instagrammer's daydream.

They're constantly having events to engage with the community and bring locals to the property. During my stay, they were having the Dogcation weekend, full of activities and I was happy to see some pawsome friends around. Paséa is super pet friendly, thumbs up!


First thing I noticed as I opened my room's door using the cutest little surfboard shape key was, again, the ocean views. However, before I could walk out to the balcony, the modern coastal decor caught my eyes and boy, they nailed the laid-back luxury scene.

Almost all of the 250 guest rooms offer beautiful ocean views, and all of them are treated to Fresh bath products. Also, comfy robes are available to each guest, and a complimentary bottle of wine will be waiting for you.

Tip: Flip flops are yours to take home so you can always remember such special days.


I am always down for some pool time, so you guys can already guess which was my favorite part of the Paséa Hotel.

I was jumping between the shimmering pool and the whirlpool all weekend. Ps.: floats available!

You can order food & drinks, reserve your own cabana or get a day pass if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Tip: Watch the sunset from the whirlpool. It offers panoramic ocean views!


A gym that makes you want to work out!

Lots of brand new, top of line equipment available to guests 24/7 in a state of the art facility, so you can get your summer bod ready to hit the pool and the beach.

One time use headphones are also available, and check with the concierge team as well for they seem to have fitness classes every now and then.


These are places where locals actually do to hang out at. For instance, I've already celebrated my birthday at Tanner's Treehouse (my favorite rooftop in OC) and spent a Valentine's Day at Tanner's Restaurant. So yes, the dining options here are places where you can spot familiar faces, which is great to get that locals vibe going.

On weekends, a big plus is the live music, and that makes every place better to me.

Stop by Blend Cafe for grab-and-go goodies, souvenirs and to get your picnic basket. This is such an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend it!

There's nothing more romantic than watching the sun kiss the ocean while savoring some yummy bites, drinks, and having your love by your side. The friendly concierge team can also assist if it's your first time and you don't know what to pick. So dreamy!

Tip: Do the picnic and take advantage of their beach butler service, which provides beach towels, umbrellas and chairs. Plus, take the pedicab's free rides to/from the beach so you don't have to carry everything.


Inspired in Bali, the Aarna Spa is magical. Loved the relaxation lounge, and loved the salt water whirlpool even more! Could not enjoy much of the garden due to the rare, recent rain (you know, something unexpected always happens on trips), but I had an amazing time and was very well taken care of by the entire team.

I had an oxygen facial which now I swear by and cannot wait to go back there again.

Tip: Plan to arrive some good 30-45 min prior to your appointment to fully enjoy all the amenities of the spa. You can also stay after or come back later, as with any treatment you'll get a day pass access to the facility.

My stay at Paséa was everything I expected, and then some.

I've shared some more pics on my feed and stories highlights on Instagram, click here to check it out!

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With Love,



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